Celtic Cowboys Sports & Social Club

Celtic Cowboys Sports & Social Club provides a range of activities in Austin:

  • Gaelic Football (Both Ladies & Men's)
  • Hurling
  • Youth and Adult Soccer (Men's, Ladies & CoEd)
  • Golf
  • Irish Culture
  • Community Service
  • Other social events

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Latest News:

2014 Spring Gaelic Games Tournament
Ladies Gaelic Football
Hurling & Camogie

Schedule: all games at Onion Creek

Noon: Skills Workshop
Field #7 Ladies Gaelic Football
12.30pm: Celtic Cowboys Ladies (Green) V Fionn MacCumhails (Dallas) Ladies
1.30pm: Celtic Cowboys Ladies (Green) V Celtic Cowboys Ladies (Red)
2.45pm: Fionn MacCumhails (Dallas) Ladies V Celtic Cowboys Ladies (Red)
Field #8 Hurling & Camogie
12.45pm: Celtic Cowboys (Green) V Texas Gaels
2.00pm: Celtic Cowboys (Red) v Texas Gaels
3.30pm: Open Hurling/Camogie Game


Training schedule Spring 2014

Soccer - Men's (Map)
                 Sundays 9.30am Zilker Park (Starting Jan 12)

Soccer - Ladies, Coed (Map)

                 Saturday's 9.30am Zilker Park (Starting Jan 18)  

Ladies Gaelic
                    - Saturday at 9.30am at Zilker Park Area
                    - Tuesday at 7pm at Burr Field

Men's Gaelic (Map)
                    - Saturday at 10.30am Zilker Park
                    - Tuesday at 7pm at Burr Field


Recruitment New Players
All Codes across the club are recruiting new players. Come out to one of the training sessions or Contact us for more info

Gaelic (Both Men's & Ladies Gaelic Football, Hurling) And Soccer
 - Recruiting New Players